Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are very popular nowadays especially because of the high protein diet. Here are a few recipes of protein shakes without the use of supplements that you might want to try.

3 scoops low fat and low sugar ice cream
½ cup skimmed milk
2 tbsp oats
1 tbsp peanut butter

10 – 15 crushed almonds
½ cup skimmed milk
¼ cup yogurt
2 egg whites

Post workout
½ cup skimmed milk
2 scoops of ice cream
¼ cup yogurt
½ bananas
2 – 4 ice cubes
2 egg whites - optional
1 banana
3 egg whites
½ cup evaporated milk
2 – 4 ice cubes
10 – 15 Crushed almonds
50 g skimmed milk powder
¾ cup skimmed milk
Milkshake powder or a low GI fruit (e.g. mango, peach, pear, apple etc.)

Here is a very good collection for protein powder shakes:

Instead of just giving you some recipes, I’ll give you some details about what you should be considering when coming up with a protein shake recipe.

If you are following a fat loss plan, you should consider taking a similar shake as the Pre-workout shakes showed above. Along with the protein, take some fiber (oats are probably the best option) or complex carbohydrates (Low GI fruits) and also introduce unsaturated fats like peanut butter, almonds, olive oil etc. This will help slow down the absorption process, therefore providing you with constant energy. You can take this as a pre and/or post workout meal as long is fat loss is your aim.

As for muscle building, the pre-workout shake should be the same as outlined above with the same concept. The post-workout shake should include fast absorbing proteins and carbohydrates. You can take sugars, as at this point your body will be craving for sugars. In simple words, you will use up these sugars or store them as glycogen in the muscles and liver (by the way, this is all good for you). Taking in these sugars will increase your insulin level which would be unlike any other time. Usually we want to control the insulin levels but after a muscle building workout you should increase the insulin levels and take in a good amount of proteins as insulin is an anabolic hormone and helps in protein synthesis (muscle building) when required. At other times, instead of building muscle, it builds fat so be careful or spiking insulin level at times other than post muscle building workouts.

I guess this gives you an idea of what you should try and do. Please note that these guidelines are for people looking for fitness. As far as Pro-bodybuilding goes, one needs to consider a number of other things as well.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for lots lots more.

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Tom Parker said...

Mmmmm. Sounds tasty. I generally just stick with the basic protein shake (powder + water or milk) and that's quite tasty on its own. However, my flatmate has recently bought a blender so maybe I start to experiment a little.