Cycle your carbohydrates – Burn fat fast

Did I just say CYCLING? Yes, I did. Cycling your carbs sounds funny doesn’t it? But let me tell you…it is one of the most power techniques of dropping a few pounds of fat very quickly. It has been used by professional body builders for a long long time near the competition season. Just look at those natural body builders a couple of months before competition and then on the actual day of competition. You won’t be able to see even a bit of body fat on them. How do they do it? Obviously, there is the workout and muscle mass factor but, they have that all year round as well so how come they do not stay LEAN throughout the year? It’s because of CARB CYCLING.

The idea of carb cycling is alternating between either high and low/no carbs or starchy and fibrous carbs. There are a number of different theories about what the best way to do this. Some say that you should have 5 days of low carbs and 2 days of high carbs, some say the best approach is replace starchy carbs with fiberous carbs for 3 days and then go back to starchy carbs for 3 days (with a cheating day), then we have experts taking the zig zag approach and taking high carbs during the major muscle group days and low/no carbs on other days. There is a lot of stuff out there, so we will discuss what should we be doing.

This is a technique where you can burn fat and build muscle. Let’s say if you are following the 3 day high and 4 day low carb. For the first three days, you do compound exercises and take in high carbs. During this time, you will be promoting muscle gain. For the next few days, you take in low carbs (but the same amount of fats and protein) and do some fat loss exercises i.e. full body workouts and HIIT. This will promote fat loss. You can also workout one day, rest the other. In the same way, you take in high carbs on the workout day and low/no carbs on the resting day. There are a lot of techniques out there. The idea is to get maximum gains in muscle with minimizing fat gain (or even losing it).

My personal recommendation is ‘any of the above’. You can try any of these techniques as all of them have proven to work. My routine is as follows:

Mon – Chest and Thighs with high carbs mainly around the workout

Tue – Triceps and calves with no carbs

Wed – Back and shoulders with high carbs

Thur – Biceps and forearms with no carbs

Fri – HIIT with high carbs

Sat – Abs and lower back with low carbs

Sun – Cheat day

On days when I need the energy and am trying to build muscle, I take in high carbs and on other days I take lower carbs with moderate exercise. Hope this has been useful for you. Please comments if you want to know more and I will write another post in greater detail. Till next time – stay tuned for lots more.

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somu said...

if suppose u have a no carb today,so tomorrow isn't it hard to workout those reqires high energy,as u hve mentiond,and u follow.

Usman Pasha Siddiqui said...

Not really, because I work out in the evening and I get enough carbs for the workout through out the day. You may have noticed that for each major muscle group I take high carbs and smaller groups i take low carbs.

somu said...

how can we burn the fats residing at abdominal section.the crunches, planks,and various exers should be done with slow motion or fast.

Usman Pasha Siddiqui said...

You can't just rely on stomach exercises to burn the fat off the stomach. If you do full body ab exercises like hanging leg raises, moutain climbers, criss crosses or plank etc. you will burn fat from the entire body and at the same time you will tone your abs. The slow movements concentrate more on muscle strength and size and the faster movements will help in the cardio area therefore losing fat. However, crunches or situps do not count as full body ab workouts.

Anonymous said...

Hello, i think it is an impressive article and tell u thank you for your time to do this etraordinary post and ur blog

Usman Pasha Siddiqui said...

Thanks you very much for the comment. I hope you keep visiting.

somu said...

what is hiit?

somu said...

what is hiit?

Usman Pasha Siddiqui said...

somu - HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training. Google it!! you'll find lots :)

hannah said...

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