To gym or not to gym...that is the question...or is it!!

On the one hand there are people who look forward to going to the gym and on the other hand there are those who want to workout at home and avoid the gym completely. Which one is better for you? Can you do every workout at home? Is there any reason for you to go to a gym? Does it matter whether you go to the gym or workout at home?

In my case, I feel right at home when I’m at the gym, but there are people who do not feel comfortable there. It is usually the over-weight bunch who don’t want people to look at them whilst working out. Lack of confidence? Probably. Then there are others who don’t like the music or being around the sweaty and smelly people. They would much rather workout at home or not workout at all.

Then there are others who can’t live without going to the gym. They get into their car and drive to the gym; just to run on a treadmill or get on the stationary bike for 30 to 45 minutes or use machines/free weights. Why don’t they just run on the road side or ride their bike out doors or simply just buy a pair of dumbbells or a home gym (one off payment)? It would be A LOT cheaper and you will get the results as well. What is it that gets the people to spend their hard earned money every month and go to the gym? Is it the environment? The environment can provide you with the motivation to workout. When you see people working out, you want to do the same. You see this girl who has been running on a treadmill for 30 minutes, you would want to test yourself and see if you can do it too - Am I right? I know I am :-). You may get motivated if you see a guy with the physique that you want to achieve or you may just get a rush by just listening to the music. All these may help you get motivated and get you to workout. However, you can get the music, physique etc. at home as well. Put on the ROCKY exercise videos and you’re good to go. The question shouldn’t be; whether you need to go to a gym or not. The question should be – what will get you off the couch and start working out either at the gym or at home. The answer is HOPE and RESULTS. You start workouts with HOPES to achieve results and you continue with workouts if you get the desired RESULTS.

If you want to become a professional body builder then you should go to the gym (reasons might take too long). But if your ultimate goal is fitness, then you don’t need to go to a gym. You need the right guidance to give yourself HOPE and effective workouts for RESULTS. You can get the guidance from authentic websites, online personal trainers or BLOG (*wink wink*) and stick to the workout and diet routines. You can do every kind of workout at home in a matter of minutes.

Moral of the story – gym or no gym, all you need is to start working outs. You can send me an e-mail at if you are interested in online personal training or need some guidance. You can get complete home workout diet and workout routines customized for you. See you next time :-).

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Tom Parker said...

It is strange that there is such a diverse range of opinions on the gym. Some people love it - others hate it. Personally, I like working out at the gym. I find if I go to the gym then I am focussed and go there to exercise. I have tried working out at home in the past and find there are just too many distractions for me.

Usman Pasha Siddiqui said...

Hi tom, I completely agree with you. It is really down to personal preferance. The idea was to communicate that it IS possible to workout at home as well and get excellent results. I myself (as mentioned in the post) feel right at home while in the gym :-). Good luck with your fitness goals :-)

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