The World's Largest Biceps - Is it worth it??

Guys, just watch this video. It is really disturbing yet informative. I read about Gregg ages ago and was impressed with his training, workouts and the diet he promoted. After a few years a saw this video and was completely shocked.

Valuable lesson – STAY AWAY FROM STERIODS (unless you are absolutely 110% sure about what you are doing).

Body building is an excellent sport, but sometimes people take things a bit too far. Like my friend Gregg here. He was so eager to get the world’s largest biceps that he ended up losing a good chunk of his arm. Hope you all understand where I’m coming from.

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Tom Parker said...

I saw this program when it was on Channel 5 (UK) a few years ago. Not only is it terrible what happened to Gregg but I just don't think that it's a good look. His arms look freakishly unnatural to me.