The 2 push routine

This is a very interesting routine. There are only 2 basic pushing exercises and you do lots of variations to hit your full body to maximize calorie burning, increase metabolism, condition the muscle and boost your overall energy levels. Do this workout if you are short of time and dont have any equipment. The rules are that you are not allowed to rest and that's it.

15 speed squats
15 normal pushups
15 squats
15 narrow pushups
20 lunges each side
10 narrow pushups (use the 5 second up and 5 second down rule)
20 jump squats (jump high)
30 second T-hold (Get into a pushup position. Move your arms to the sides so that your body makes a T. Now hold)
30 second wallsit (Do a squat againt a wall and hold)

Repeat 1 - 3 times. Max rest - 1 minute.

This is an excellent routine. If you are week at pullups and chinups,you will also engage your back muscle to strengthen them, making it easier for you to do pullups. This routine is a full body fat burning routine. You can make this your only routine for a month and combine with a healthy diet plan. You will surprised with the results. The key is compound movements, high intensity and low periods of rest.

Try it and leave comments :).

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