Brides Made Fit Reviews Nintendo's Wii Fit

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In a country where 60% of its people are overweight, it's no surprise that Americans would turn to an interactive video game to remedy the situation: Nintendo Wii Fit.

This $89 fringe from the Nintendo Wii uses an electronic balance board to measure players' health stats. This includes weight, body mass index (BMI), center of gravity, posture, strength, and agility. In order to improve results, players tackle objectives in yoga, strength, aerobics, and balance.

The more you play, the more minutes you bank up to unlock more challenging tasks. It's a great concept, but does a profession personal trainer, like myself, find it effective for the average American? Check out my podcast to watch me play the game and hear my review.

If anything, you'll get a few good laughs!

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For me the best way is always going to follow a healthy diet and to exercise but I am sure lots of people will love this!

Usman Pasha Siddiqui said...

I agree. As Jeffiner said...Wii Fit on it's own is not really a fitness equipment. People will like it coz they can get some sweat going and have fun too :).

csonjeow said...

I'll be honest. My Wii Fit is sitting in my closet right now collecting dust.

I've found a new appreciation for *healthier* eating. It's the one factor that I hate to alter but it's makes all the difference in the world.

Usman Pasha Siddiqui said...

Wii Fit is just something that can help you out. But as Jennifer should not be used all alone. healthy idet and other exercise is also very important.

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