How to design your own strength circuit training program part 2

I hope you guys found the last post useful. Here are a couple more samples of circuit training.

Routine 1
Squats 20
Pushups 30
Lunges 20 each side
Rows 20
Donkey kicks 20 each side
Shoulder pushups 20
Jump squats 10
Pullups max
Squat n Row 20
1 minute rest

Plank 15 - 30 seconds
Pushups 10
Mountain Climbers 30 seconds
Repeat 1 - 3 times

This routine is one of my absolute favorites. If I haven’t worked out in quite a while, I do the above to make sure I hit every muscle group. In the second bit of this routine, your body is always tensed – especially the core. You will really feel this, so be prepared to get really sore the next day ;).

Routine 2
Pushups 15
Squats 15
Pushups 15
Squats 15
Jump rope 1 Minute

DB rows 12 Each side
DB rows 12 Each side
Jump rope 1 Minute

Shoulder press 12
Upright rows 12
Shoulder press 12
Upright rows 12
Jump rope 1 Minute

This is a fat loss circuit that is supposed burn a lot of fat, increase stamina and improve your overall body conditioning. Try these routines and tell me how you get on with them. I want to know what you think about these routines. Were they effective for you? Did you enjoy doing them?

Stay tuned for the EPOC effect post. Till next time.

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carla said...

Great post as even those of us who should know (points at self) can use lots of reminding.


Usman Pasha Siddiqui said...

Thanks for the appreciation MizFit. Reminders are always good if you take them in a good sense like you did :)

Papervision3D said...

well nice post usman

Usman Pasha Siddiqui said...

Thanks papervision. I appreciate that.

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