The Burn ‘n’ Build Phenomenon

You must have heard in a number of places that you cannot burn fat and build muscle at the very same time. This is supported by one main argument that you need to increase calories to build muscle and decrease to burn fat or lose weight. I don't want to go into details at the moment but I will be posting a detailed article very soon. Any how, the main concept used for this technique is alternating between muscle building and fat burning routines.

This way you can get the best of both worlds. There are a lot more details that need to be considered in order to develop a program that you can run with, but as mentioned the main idea is to just from one to the other. One way is to do muscle building workouts one week with high calories, high carbohydrates and proteins and avoiding cardio (HIIT can be done once or twice a week), then the very next week lower you carbohydrates, increase HIIT and full body strength work out. You will preserve muscle and burn fat one week and build muscle the next. It's quite simple. You can find more details in the FREE 10 week Burn 'n' Build program. I will be posting a number of workout routines, how make a workout plan, best times to do different workouts and lots lots more, so stay tuned. I will be starting my diet and workout routine from tomorrow, so keep an eye out for hints, tips and my progress. Please feel free to leave any comments. Till next time - Stay fit.

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