Crossfit - The next big thing!!

Crossfit is an exercise methodology created by Greg Glassman a former gymnast in the 1970s. In my personal view, if you don’t want to bulk up like a pro body builder, but want a well-defined body, lose body fat and improve your fitness level beyond your wildest expectations then Crossfit is for you. They concentrate on strength, speed and endurance, which cover almost all the aspects of fitness. You do strength exercises with high intensity with high speed to failure.

Here is a beginner’s workout for you to try.

Kipping pull-ups x 5
Push-ups x 10
Squats x 15

Continue doing this for about 20 minutes or for however long you can. The idea is to keep your self going. If you can’t do 5 pull-ups after repeating the routine 5 times, then do it 3 or 4 times. If you can’t even do one pull-up, then use momentum and jump and come down slowly, but try to keep going. This really exhausts your muscles. It is always recommended that you do the Crossfit training in teams or at least in pairs to keep the motivation high.

This is a tough and challenging method of training, hence the high number of drop outs. However, the numbers seem to be increasing very rapidly and people are getting excellent results with regards to fitness overall. If you are not into challenging your body and seeing how far you can push yourself before giving up then this is probably not the best training method for you. But if you want to see what you are made of, then grab your exercise kit and get ready for a workout of a life time.

Now finally, my recommendation - Look into the Crossfit method of training and try it. Go to their website at and learn their beginner movements. For now, you can start with the routine listen above. If fat loss and tone is your aim, you will be surprised with the results. Just make sure you follow a sensible diet plan. You can try the ‘1-2 zig zag’ method described in the previous post. The routine should be done on the high calorie day before breakfast for best results. If you want to gain muscle mass using this routine then you will have to increase the resting period and slow down the movements. This should also be supported with a muscle building diet plan. To get some guidance on what a muscle gaining diet plan should be like subscribe to get the 10 week burn ‘n’ build program and see how the muscle building diet works.

I think that should do for now. I’ll be back tomorrow with some more interesting stuff about how YOU can get to where you want to be. Till next time – Keep the motivation high.

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