The no-sweat burning method

Do you want to burn fat without exercising, here is what you do.

- Calculate your BMR
- Add a factor for the activity level and get the total calorie in take amount
- Get used to the calories
- Create a zig-zag
- Lose body fat

There are some other rules that need to be considered. These are related to the timing of calories and the type of calories you are taking in.
Breakfast - Low GI carbohydrates | Fiber | Slow Protein | Unsaturated fats
Snack - Protein | Unsaturated fats | Low or no carbohydrates
Lunch - Protein | Unsaturated fats | Low GI carbohydrates | Fiber
Snack - Protein | Unsaturated fats | Low or no carbohydrates
Snack 2 - Protein | Unsaturated fats | Low GI carbohydrates
Supper - Slow Protein | Unsaturated fats | Low or no carbohydrates

Never fill yourself up
Drink 8 – 12 glasses of water at least.
Supper needs to small and needs to be 2 – 3 hours before going to bed

Now let’s look at an example. My BMR is 1800 and I am just moderately active throughout the day. I add about 200 calories extra for the activity and finally coming to 2000 calories a day. This would be my maintenance level. Now I design a diet plan for myself taking into consideration the rules above and making sure I take in 2000 calories everyday. I continue with this for 2 weeks. This is to get my body to get used to and start running on 2000 calories.

After the two weeks, On Monday I take 2000 calories, but on Tuesday and Wednesday, I take in about 1200 – 1400 calories. I don’t skip any meals, I just reduce the portion size, ideally from the carbs. Just think about it, your body is used to running on 2000 calories, but for two days you create a deficit and making sure that you body knows that you are not in starvation as you will be eating 6 small meals and also at the very same time after the two days you go back to 2000 calories so your body remains used to the 2000 calories. The 600 calorie deficit that is produced needs to come from some where. You are controlling the cortisol by eating frequently; taking in low carbs so the only source left is FATS. So we are creating 4 x 600 calorie deficits a week, increasing metabolism and improving energy levels along with making sure that we take in all the nutrients. Make sense?

Shoot me with any questions.

That’s all from me today. See you guys tomorrow.

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keats26 said...

can you suggets some diet that constitutes the above things like slow protein low carbs and also I am a vegetarian.

pasha99 said...

thank you for showing me the light in fitness, thank you Mr. Siddiqui