Just an update

Hi all. Sorry I haven't been posting much. I was actually away for a few days (actually I still am) with no internet and no laptop. Just got a chance to come online so I thought I would drop a small message just telling you guys not to be disheartened. I have an AMAZING post ready to be published as soon as I get back.

I am also really excited because I started my workouts 2 days ago. I stopped working during the month of RAMADAN due to fasting. So, now I am back on track. Been working out hard. My chest, shoulders and thighs are SO sore that I could not walk down the stairs this morning. It is fun though!! I feel energetic already.

I am thinking of my current routine as well...But I will do that in a week's time, one I have completed the whole thing once :).

Stay tuned guys, I have got lots amazing stuff still to come.

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