The top 5 fat burning exercises

I have been writing about how to lose fat and how to design your own plans for some time now, so I thought I would write about some thing different - the best fat burning exercises that you concentrate on rather than searching the web or other places. As mentioned in earlier posts, you need to engage maximum and larger muscle groups to get the best results.

According to TT (Turbulence Training), you should do a squatting movement, upper body pushing, upper body pulling, single leg movement and a full body abs movement. If you think about it, you hit each and every muscle group which a high intensity and get the most out of it. However, wouldn’t it be useful if you do 2 or 3 exercises instead of 5 but still engaging all the muscles? The good thing about this is that you increase the release of even more HGH if you engage more muscle groups at the very same time. I have discussed some basics about HGH in previous posts and will be writing details very soon.

I intend to give you the 5 best exercises that take you one step ahead of the TT concept. These are some what intermediate movements, so if you find these to be very hard then either lower the weights or make the exercises slightly simpler.

Number 5: Pullup and hanging leg raise
The usual pullup, but when you get to the top, you raise your legs like a hanging leg raise, lower your legs and come back down. You engage your back, abs, biceps and forearms. Try this only if you can already do 10 pullups in one go.

Number 4: Squat and push
In this exercise you hold a barbell across your shoulders. Do a barbell squat and when you come up; go right into a shoulder press without pausing. This exercise will engage your thighs, buttocks, core, shoulders, triceps and back for stabilizing. If you want an advanced version, then change the exercise to ‘Lunge and push’.

Number 3: Deadlift and pull

You do a deadlift and continue to an upright row. Usually, the weights for a deadlift are reasonably heavy. This really depends on you – how much weight you want to use. My recommendation, it should be heavy enough for an upright row but not light enough that you don’t feel the deadlift. In this exercise, you engage your thighs, back, traps and deltoids (shoulders), biceps and forearms.

Number 2: High jump burpees
Start with lying face down on the floor. In one smooth motion, do a pushup, bring your legs in (towards the chest), do a squat and jump high. Now in the exact opposite manner, come back to the start position. If done with good speed and control, this is one the GREATEST fat burning exercises. You work your chest, thighs, calves, abs and shoulders. Joint this with the ‘Pullup and hanging leg raise’ for an amazing full body workout in less than 10 minutes.

And the winner is: Sprints
HIIT is ruling the world right now and sprints are ruling HIIT. Go to a track, do a warm up and then sprint for a good few seconds (10 – 30 seconds) depending on your fitness levels. 6 – 8 of them and you will be drained. Trust me!! All hormones, EPOC, RMR – everything turn to help you burn more and more fat.

Now all the exercises above will help you lose weight. The key is, to exhaust all major muscle groups. You are not trying to become a pro-body builder so you don’t need to concentrate on this head of the tricep or that part of the chest. Treat it as one muscle and just exhaust it. 15 reps for a 3 – 5 sets per exercise is good enough with a 30 second rest. The best way is to alternate between two or three exercises.

Hope this was useful. Please do leave comments and questions. Please digg it as well if you get the time and like what you see. Stay tuned for lots lots more.

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Anonymous said...

you have a wonderful blog! thanks for putting up such useful information.

Usman Pasha Siddiqui said...

thanks for that anonymous. I really appreciate that. I have lots more information so please do keep visiting :)

Shrikant said...

Nice blog Usman bhai! Keep it up!

Is it possible to put on useful muscle mass on a diet mainly comprising of dal-roti, and sub-continent vegetarian food with a bit of lactose intolerance? One or two eggs per day (not sure of the conclusion of the debate about dietary and serum cholestrol relationship though), and occasional meat are okay.

Also, there are other constraints as well like:

- A 13 hour job including commute, leaving very little time to do any meaningful exercise on weekdays.

- Very little possiblility of taking 5-6 balanced meals. The staple remains, lentils/legumes and Whole-wheat/Polished-rice.

- No possibility of going to a Gym, hence relying on body-weight, and a bar with some not-so-heavy weights.

Will be delighted if something could still be worked out despite above limitations.

optionshif3 said...

wow amazing articles. exercises is good for slim and health


Rick said...

How well does a fast walk burn muscle, if at all?

Usman Pasha Siddiqui said...

optionshif3 - thanks for the comment.

Usman Pasha Siddiqui said...

Walking does burn muscle (infact any kind of cardio does) if done for over 35 - 45 minutes. This is due to an increase in the hormone called cortisol which is a muscle wasting hormone.

I hope you weren't meaning to ask if walking burns fat or not!!

DR said...

It's funny how the exercise gurus tell us that we need to try this 'funtional' movement or work that 'stabilizer' muscle, but at the end of the day, the best exercise is SPRINTING!

Cheap, easy to understand, requires no special equipment or gym or trainer and they WORK!!!

Looking forward to your next post - signed up for the RSS feed

Usman Pasha Siddiqui said...

thanks for the comments dr. The exercise gurus do tend to concentrate on very small things and forget what really matters. But I can't generalize because there are gurus who preach the above. Thanks for visiting and please do come back.

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thanks. I'll do top 3

Free Music said...

Usman the whole guru thing looks so funny to me.

Free Music said...

nice stuff indeed

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