The best home chest workout

Most of the guys who go to the gym say that they want to get big biceps and a muscular chest. We won’t be talking about the biceps today, but as far as the chest goes - here is the single most important question that these guys ask.

Can I build a big and well-defined chest at home?

The answer to this question is ‘Yes’, you can build a huge chest by working out at home. If you manage to exhaust a specific body part and then feed it, you will see an increase in size. If you hit your chest from a number of angles so that the entire chest muscle group gets REALLY tired and then feed it with proper amounts of protein and carbohydrates, you will see an increase in you chest size and muscle mass.

Here is a workout routine that you can do on the days you want to work your chest or upper body. This workout can also be incorporated in a fat loss program – I will show you how.

Pushups burpees 15 - 20 for warm-up: Do the burpee but do a pushup as well when you go down.

10 pushups wide, 10 pushups shoulder width and 10 pushups narrow without any rest.

The following pushup movements should be very slow. 5 seconds up and 5 seconds down.
5 – 8 x 3 pushups wide (rest 30 – 45 seconds)
5 – 8 x 3 pushups shoulder width (rest 30 – 45 seconds)
5 – 8 x 3 pushups narrow or diamond (rest 30 – 45 seconds)

1 minute rest

In the following movements, do the first 3 – 5 reps very slow and without taking any rest continue the exercise as fast as you can for the remaining reps.

15 – 20 x 1 pushups wide (rest 30 – 45 seconds)
15 – 20 x 1 pushups shoulder width (rest 30 – 45 seconds)
10 – 15 x 1 pushups narrow or diamond (rest 30 – 45 seconds)

This is an intermediate workout. For advance level workouts, you can increase the 5 second up and down to 6, 7 or whatever you want. The slower the movement, the more stress you will feel. Also, you can increase the number of reps in you final set (i.e. the slow and fast combination)

For fat loss, you do not have to change the workout. All you need to do is do a lower body compound movement e.g. squats and/or lunges after this workout (I will post a lower body routine as well). This should be followed up by a protein meal. Keep the carbs low and try to take the meal in about 30 minutes to 1 hour of the workout so that you get the most benefit from the important hormones.

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