World's Largest burger - 8000 calories!!

Guys, I just wanted to share this with you. I read about the Quadruple Bypass Burger, claiming to be the world's largest burger and has food worth 8000 calories in it. Mind you, a normal human being eats about 2000 - 2500 calories a DAY and we are talking about 8000 calories in one sitting..hmmm!!! You can see it at

The Heart Attach Grill offers this burger and also says that if you get a heart attack eating this burger - Doctors, nurses and wheel chairs are ready for you. They will even drop you to your car on a wheel chair. They also point out that "The Government Requires Us To Inform You That Our "Nurses" Do Not Actually Have Any Accredited Medical Training" don't expect them to save your life...infact, they may probably help in giving you a heart attack :D.

The Burger place promoted all round unhealthy food and tries to prove that unhealthy is the way to go. They also sell filterless cigerettes as a (that one just made me laugh). I just found it very interesting and wanted to share it with you. Although this is a very unhealthy option, I feel very jumpy about going their atleast once. Has anyone of you been there?

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I'd try it...not sure about the burget, but I'm sure I coul dfind something. Perhaps a double-bypass milkshake...with a smoke for dessert. lol

Anonymous said...

Saw you on blog catalog and wanted to check out your blog. I think this post is funny and about a week ago some guy in my office emailed this exact burger joint around. It was an article about the location and it was hilarious. The waitresses are very hot by the way. Better than Hooters girls in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Nice site! That burger is the most disgusting looking feast I have ever seen! I would hate to have to digest that thing into my body! If you want to burn any fat that is definitely no the way!

Anonymous said...

hi there saw your blog in blog catalog. i love burgers but i can't eat that much lol :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Usman,

I have not but depending on my mood - I might. I say this because I've just eaten a triple whopper the other day.

I saw the videos and noted the board of nurses tried to make them stop calling their waitresses nurses. :)

I found a funny Hardees’s low-carb spoof of Goldilocks you might be interested in at:


John W. Zimmer

Usman Pasha Siddiqui said...

Great comments from all you guys. I think the main essense is that the concept of the burger is interesting but you would never even attempt to eat a full burger!!! Correct?

Daniyal said...

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Anonymous said...

mega burger!

Danette said...


That burger is nasty !!! It is amazing how horrible junk food looks when you are used to eating healthy, and I was a junk food addict LOL.

If anyone is interested, here is a great article on keeping on track during the holiday season.

Love your site, by the way. We share the same philosophies. Will be dropping by often :-)

All the Best,

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